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End Matched Cladding

Available in

76x19 End Matched Cladding
83/133x14 End Matched V/J Lining
83/133x14 End Matched S/Lap Lining
122x19 End Matched Cladding
parkside profile 1-page-001.jpg

125x19 End Matched Top Nail Clad

130x19 V/J Cladding
127x11 V/J Lining
126x18 S/Lap Cladding
78/122x19 Shadow Line
(Alternative to Sorrento)
80/130x14 E/M Overlay
80x13 Overlay
130x14 Boral Overlay
19mm End Matched Flooring
Bull Nose Architrave
12mm Plain End Overlay
Single Bevel Architrave
Half Splay Architrave
Colonial Architrave
  85/130x14 Olay                                  85/130x19 E/M Floor

Single Bevel Architrave

Half Splay Architrave

80/130x14 E/M Overlay

Silvertop cladding_edited.jpg

105x18 Shiplap (not drawn to scale)

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